Afternoon Session

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Afternoon Session

  • 12:35 Buffet Served - Networking With Sponsors.
    Business Advice with exclusive networking.

    Here’s what our Guests can expect:

    - An excellent theme- with real answers to your business problems.
    - Assurance of valuable insight from high level sources.
    - Industry Data – with survey findings.
    - High degree of R.O.T (Return On Time)
    - Useful ideas that highlight opportunities.
    - Will help you to where you need to go – FASTER!
    - In short, incremental business.

  • 2:00 Your key risk management security questions can now be put to our Panel so that a comprehensive understanding that Cyber needs to be top of the list when companies consider their business continuity plans.
    Here are just a few areas:
    - Monitoring and managing vendor access and considering a multi-layered approach.
    - Utilizing an intrusion detection system solution with immediate response
    - Ensuring all remote access is at least two-factored authenticated.
    - Securing data in the cloud.
    - All social media accounts secured.

  • 3:30 Vote of Thanks, closing remarks - Chairman

  • 3:35 Refreshments and private consultation with Lenders and Business Enablers & Business Angels
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